Interviews with SWR Authors

Interview with Mara Holt on ‘Collaborative Learning as Democratic Practice: A History’

Interview with Leslie Seawright, author of ‘Genre of Power’, with Noah Wilson


Interview with Sandra Tarabochia, Author of ‘Reframing the Relational’, with Alex Hanson


Interview with Leigh Ann Jones on From Boys to Men with Vincent Portillo

In this conversation with Vincent Portillo, Leigh Ann Jones talks about the focus in her book, From Boys to Men: Rhetorics of Emergent American Masculinity (2016), on national organizations for boys and young men, including the Boy Scouts of America, the Sigma Chi college fraternity, and the US Army; the interdisciplinary nature of her book (it draws from history, political science, and rhetoric); the work of transforming a dissertation into a book; and some possibilities for political intervention in the rhet/comp classroom.


Interview with Rhea Lathan on Freedom Writing with Telsha Curry

In this conversation about her book, Freedom Writing: African American Civil Rights Literacy Activism, 1955-1967 (2015) with Telsha Curry, Lathan talks about different types of literacy and social activism, how the ideas of gospel consciousness manifest in Lathan’s pedagogy, as well as how they relate to current movements such as Black Lives Matter.


Interview with Tiffany Rousculp with C.C. Hendricks

In this conversation with C.C. Hendricks about her book, Rhetoric of Respect: Recognizing Change at a Community Writing Center (2014), Rousculp talks about the founding of the CWC, the impact that its locations have had on its staff’s work and on its clientele, the process of writing her book, and the importance of blurring boundaries between the world of higher education and the larger communities it inhabits. She also offers some advice for others interested in engaging in community literacy work.