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For three decades, the Studies in Writing and Rhetoric series has been a consistent presence in the field, shaping our research and informing our classrooms. And while the books often carry a single authors name, were published during a single editor’s term, or a particular CCCC chair’s leadership, they represent a collective history of the field.

The SWR Timeline is designed to allow individuals, graduate classes, and SIGs/Caucuses to reflect upon, expand, and understand the meaning and import of that collective history. Using the interactive function (described below) add a disciplinary context to particular periods in the history of the SWR series, or place the series within a larger historical context.

The goal is to begin to record and reflect upon the rich conversations that SWR has produced and, hopefully, will continue to produce for a long time to come.

We look forward to adding your voice, your experiences, and your insights to the history of Studies in Writing and Rhetoric through your edits and comments.

To join the conversation, click here to access the timeline in full, including the ability to add new events, or here for the related forum on SWR books.

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