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Reframing the Relational: A Pedagogical Ethic for Cross-Curricular Literacy Work (2017)
Sandra L. Tarabochia

 Inside the Subject: A Theory of Identity for the Study of Writing (2017)
Raul Sanchez

Genre of Power: Police Report Writers and Readers in the Justice System (2017)
Leslie Seawright

Assembling Composition (2017)

Kathleen Yancey and Stephen McElroy

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Public Pedagogy in Composition Studies (2016)

Ashley J. Holmes

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From Boys to Men: Rhetorics of Emergent American Masculinity (2016)

Leigh Ann Jones

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freedom writing

Freedom Writing: African American Civil Rights Literacy Activism, 1955-1967  (2016)

Rhea Lathan

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the desire for literacy

The Desire for Literacy: Writing in the Lives of Adult Learners (2015)

Lauren Rosenberg

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on multimodalityOn Multimodality: New Media in Composition Studies (2014)

Jonathan Alexander & Jacqueline Rhodes

Winner of the 2015 CCCC Outstanding Book Award

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Rhetoric of Respect

Rhetoric of Respect: Recognizing Change at a Community Writing Center (2014) 

Tiffany Rousculp

Winner of the 2016 IWCA Outstanding Book/Major Work Award

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Rhetoric of Difference

Toward a New Rhetoric of Difference (2014) 

Stephanie Kerschbaum

Winner of the 2015 CCCC Advancement of Knowledge Award

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After Pedagogy


After Pedagogy: The Experience of Teaching (2013)

Paul Lynch

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Redesigning Composition


Redesigning Composition for Multilingual Realities (2012) 

Jay Jordan

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Agency in the age of Peer production


Agency in the Age of Peer Production (2012) 

Quentin D. Vieregge, Kyle D. Stedman, Taylor Joy Mitchell, Joseph M. Moxley

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Remixing Composition


Remixing Composition: A History of Multimodal Writing Pedagogy (2012)

Jason Palmeri

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First Semester


First Semester: Graduate Students, Teaching Writing, and the Challenge of Middle Ground (2012) 

Jessica Restaino

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Agents of Integration: Understanding Transfer as a Rhetorical Act (2011) 

Rebecca S. Nowacek

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Digital Griots


Digital Griots: African American Rhetoric in a Multimedia Age (2011)

Adam J. Banks

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Everyday Genres: Writing Assignments across the Disciplines (2011) 

Mary Soliday

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The Managerial Unconscious in the History of Composition Studies (2011)

Donna Strickland

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The Community College Writer


The Community College Writer: Exceeding Expectations (2010) 

Howard Tinberg, Jean-Paul Nadeau

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Before Shaunessy


Before Shaughnessy: Basic Writing at Yale and Harvard, 1920-1960 (2009)

Kelly Ritter

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Writers Block


Writer’s Block: The Cognitive Dimension (2009)

Mike Rose

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A Taste for LanguageA Taste for Language: Literacy, Class, and English Studies (2009)

James Watkins

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Teaching_Writing in Thirdspaces


Teaching/Writing in Thirdspaces: The Studio Approach (2008)

Rhonda Grego, Nancy Thompson

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Rural Literacies (2007)

Kim Donehower, Charlotte Hogg & Eileen Schell

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Whistlin and Crowin


Whistlin’ and Crowin’ Women of Appalachia: Literacy Practices since College (2006)

Katherine Sohn

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African American literacies


African American Literacies Unleashed: Vernacular English and the Composition Classroom (2005) 

Arnetha Ball & Ted Lardner

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Sexuality and the Politics of Ethos


Sexuality and the Politics of Ethos in the Writing Classroom (2005)

Zan Goncalves

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Revisionary Rhetoric


Revisionary Rhetoric, Feminist Pedagogy, and Multigenre Texts (2005)

Julie Jung

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Multiliteracies for a Digital Age


Multiliteracies for a Digital Age (2004)

Stuart Selber

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Response to Reform


Response to Reform: Composition and the Professionalization of Teaching (2004) 

Margaret Marshall

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Personally Speaking


Personally Speaking: Experience as Evidence in Academic Discourse (2004) 

Candace Spigelman

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Student Development in College Writing


Self-Development and College Writing (2004) 

Nick Tingle

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A Communion of Friendship


A Communion of Friendship: Literacy, Spiritual Practice, and Women in Recovery (2003)

Beth Daniell

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Language_Diversity, Smitherman and Victor


Language Diversity in the Classroom: From Intention to Practice  (2003)

Geneva Smitherman & Victor Villanueva

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Across_Property_Lines, Spiegelman


Across Property Lines: Textual Ownership in Writing Groups (2000) 

Candace Spigelman

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21st_Century_Literacy, Selfe


Technology and Literacy in the Twenty-First Century: The Importance of Paying Attention (1999)

Cynthia Selfe

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Young_Composers, Schultz


The Young Composers (1999)

Lucille Schultz

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Gender_Influences, Rubin


Gender Influences: Reading Student Texts (1993)

Donnalee Rubin

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KirschWomen Writing the Academy: Audience, Authority, and Transformation (1993) 

Gesa E. Kirsch

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