We have created this forum in connection with the interactive timeline to offer an opportunity to discuss the SWR series and related events. Feel free to include general comments on your experience reading the books, thoughts on the books, questions for other readers, comments on the contexts that surround the books, and anything else you’d like to share.

This is a new feature to the the SWR Editors site, and we are currently gauging interest and usability. Please feel free to offer comments on possible additions to the forum or other interactive features you would like to see. Depending on the success of these features, we may expand them to include additional opportunities to interact with the SWR series.

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Note: The success of this forum depends on the active engagement of its users in a critical, yet respectful dialogue. While we do not anticipate that scholars in our field will post derogatory or disrespectful comments, we reserve the right to edit or remove comments from this forum that are considered racist, sexist, or abusive in any way.